Bastion Unraveled

June 14
The Forgotten One

The party now reunited, we each take turns telling tales of our recent adventures. We rest and recover our energies. Allura awakes in the morning, hearing a faint scraping sound. The scraping gets louder and louder until suddenly the wall between the purple and black doors collapses and a huge Umberhulk looms in front of us! We fight his gigantic presence back into the tunnel and find another mindflayer controlling him and a second Umberhulk. This mindflayer is not as stately as Nyarlathotep, he seems dressed in rags. Upon vanguishing the trio, we take the mindflayer’s Richly Bejeweled Sceptre.

Three Dogs finds a trap door in the ceiling and is able to trigger the mechanism, causing burning acid to rain down on himself and Don Emmanuel, who is not surprised at all, but still manages to get about half of the acid on him anyway. The party climbs up through the trap door to the next level of the castle.

In this place, there are six pedastals around a hexagonal room with a domed ceiling. Each player grabs a pedastal corresponding to his or her element and speaks their assigned word of creation. When it is time for the fifth word to be spoken, a ghostly image of Moira Firehammer appears at the empty pedastal in the room. Grakkis stands in the centre of the room and speaks the final word. A beam of energy surrounds and envelops him, shooting straight up to the center of the domed ceiling. The sides of the dome seem to slide away revealing – not the clear blue and white of day, or the black and stars of night, but a blank grey expanse instead. The six pedastals shrink to batons, which seem to be made to fit together. When all seven are combined into a single staff, it is drawn supernaturally to the center of the room and stands upright like a light pole. A small silver filament is visible connecting each person to this pole, although they cannot be touched as they they are immaterial.

As we approach the walls of the room to try and peek out over the lip, we find that gravity in this place is somewhat open to interpretation. We are able to walk straight up the walls as though they were the ground, and off again once we get to the top.

The surface of this place is flat and hard like stone, though there is none of the usual fragmentation you find around natural areas. Perhaps this land has been worn by water?
We see a red glow in the distance and start to head that way.

We come upon a chasm with a bridge across the center, followed by an unusual protrusion from the landscape. It appears almost as though we are walking on a giant horizontal face.

A brown blur shrieks into our field of view and a hundred eyes look at us with intensity, hunger and disdain. The Beholder is upon us! We are easily able to best him by creatively changing our personal gravity.

We have found “the corpse of the forgotten one.”

May 17
a Gith scouting party (the Black portal)

Back in the common ante-room, there are only two doors that we haven’t gone through yet, those glowing with purple and black energy.

We make a brief detour back to Heimdall’s office, where the world-simulator resides. The party spends a while playing with the dials on the control panel and mapping out their functions before finally Three Dogs is overwhelmed by boredom and destroys the table in an outburst. We can almost make out a picture of a face carved on the bottom of the table. Three Dogs assaults the statue of Sigyn before Don kicks him out of the room and leads the party back to the ante-room.

We go through the black door and find ourselves missing half our party. Only Three Dogs, Don Emmanuel and Skith are present. Oc, Grakkis and Allura seem to be in another room.

We are in a tall dungeon-like room surrounded by six 12-foot tall “necromancer” status carved from basalt. Their shadowy countenances remind Don of his studies of Nerule, the ancient god of death, from his upbringing at the monastery. Once we get our bearings, we can hear the clanking of metal. We follow this up the stairs to find some kind of challenge underway. Three strange creatures stand above a pit, watching two others of their kind in a duel.

Through mellifluous oration and impenetrable logic, we convince them that we are all on the same side, sharing Nyarlathotep as our common enemy. They introduce themselves as the Gith, the “wanderers of the grey sea.” We have interrupted a battle for leadership rights in this small scouting party. Three Dogs immediately issues a challenge to fight the current leader. He easily defeats the Gith and assumes leadership of the remaining creatures. Three Dogs and Skith convince the Gith that it is our “custom” to take something from the dead in order to remember/honor them by.

Together, we continue further into the cavern, our new Gith brethren at our side.
We are either seeking the heart of the “forgotten one” or seeing “the dark one”. I couldn’t tell which one was a place and which one was a creature, and which was our goal vs the Gith’s goal.
In the belly of the dungion, we come upon a great room full of skeletons, animated by some magical power. The most powerful magician in the room wears a glowing necrotic symbol. Focusing our energies on this sigil, we are able to vanguish all the skeletons at once. The remaining skeletal dragons are easily dispatched with our magic and blades, and even their magical leader died shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, all but one of our Gith brethren fell in battle. The last one living grabbed the “magic spade,” which they used to carve magical paths through the rock, and fled before we could stop him.

Skith found a large black jewel in the remains of the leader which fused into him.

Upon returning back through the portal to the common ante-room, we are reunited with the rest of our party, who had a similar adventure through the purple doorway.


from the Altar:
- ornate gold ring in a velvet bag (1700 gp)
- Vampiric Gauntlets (Skith)
- Crown (3000gp)

In the Gith camp:
- 2000gp
- a letter on the body of the gith leader with instructions to investigate near the forgotten one

April 19
A fair challenge met; Veths' origin

Upon returning to the ante-room which is so familiar to us now, we find the ceiling is alight with stars and constellations. Are they familiar? Or different than we remember them being?

Next, we go through the yellow door. This place is sunny and bright, the fields are green. It must be the middle of summer when everything’s in bloom. We find ourselves on a read and see a castle in the distance, so we take hands and skip down the yellow-brick road, the lion (Oc), the straw man (Skith), the girl (Allura), and me, the tin man, with Grakkis and Three Dogs lumbering behind, saying something about how real men don’t hold hands.

After about five steps, Allura realized that we don’t hear any birds. This is very unusual and usually indicates danger. Now on our guard, we continue down the path to the castle.

The road is well-maintained, but empty.

It is not too hot, the temperature is pleasant. The air is still.

As we approach the castle, we see pinions flying from the ramparts bearing a sun symbol. Don recognizes this as the heraldry of a legendary elven court. Just outside the gate, vendors’ booths set up ready for service, with paints laid out ready for faces. As they enter the castle walls, they find it is truly empty. Everything looks as though it were vacated only minutes or hours ago.

The party calls out but hears to reply. Allura, more tuned to the ethereal plane, occasionally catches notes as if blowing through the air. She changes to bird-form to survey the interior of the castle. She reports that it is truly empty, save for two figures. One is standing in the middle of the court yard, and the other, a very old Eladrin, sits slumped in a throne covered in cobwebs under a canvas shade.

The party enters and discovers that the figure in the middle is their old nemesis Veth. He does not take up arms, nor even does he appear to recognize the travelers as they enter his vision.

Veth tells us of the challenge that awaits. This world is stuck at the top of a perpetual gasp until the challenge is met. It is twelve hours before the changing of the age. Some forces (that is, the noble Eladrin who are currently in power) wish to forestall this as long as possible in order to continue to enjoy their status. The challenge is very risky, and many heroes have come to try and failed. Here we discover also that every failed challenger becomes a shard of Veth, explaining the hordes of them that we had fought earlier. This is the original Veth, from which all the others came. Being the heroes that we are, we decide to accept the challenge so that this world may continue to grow and change into ever new expressions of beauty.

Veth offers us six stones, each of us chooses one in turn and battles a creature matching that element. In the beginning Allura helps, but as the matches continue, we discover that her actions which aided in the first round return as punishments in subsequent rounds.

When the last of us defeats our competitor, the world explodes into a festival, already in progress. The king rewards each of us with a piece of jewelry, each recipient’s piece as if it had been custom made and imbued with special powers especially for her, and proudly displaying the king’s symbol and a matching stone.

The sun slowly continues its descent into the horizon, and at midnight the stars change to our old familiar constellations / or to new constellations unknown to us ?? We party all night long.

When we wake in the morning, we find that the castle is gone, the festival, the food, the people, the stones, even the air smells empty. Don Emmanuel’s white dragon speaks a word in his ear, “you will know when to speak this…” and they return through the yellow portal.

April 5
Semlegwa the Burning and the blue gem, Nyarlathotep's demise

Don Emmanuel spoke to the giant knight in Draconic, pursuading him that his goals were aligned with those of the party, namely defeating the mindflayer.
Together we fought the mindflayer in an epic battle. We attacked with such intensity, that he sacrificed the green gem at one point to sustain his own existence. Unfortunately, he was able to escape.

After the battle, we spoke more with Semlegwa the Burning – the giant knight who had taken on the appearance of a Red Dragon. He told a tale from many years ago. A tale of his own calling to be in this place.

“I was bigger once, much bigger. To you I am very big already, but to my old self, I am now less than the shadow of an ant. I remember a vast grey sea, stretching out forever. Then there was a storm, the currents constantly changing, I was tossed and buffeted by the waves. The crash of thunder fell about my ears and I was disturbed. I felt pulled by what I cannot say, and began my travels of many days to satisfy my soul’s calling. Along the way, I met with five others whose hearts sang the same song as my own. Together we journeyed and after many days following the momentum of our shared destiny, my brethren and I came upon Ragnarok. The smell of the fires that day were unlike I have experienced before or since – until today. The charred flesh of this mindflayer before us – it reminds me of Ragnarok.

As we continued, the gravity of our quest attracted others to our cause – teachers, mentors and wise men. They led us to this plane and when the moment of transition arrived, we surrendered to our fates. My body was transformed and restricted to the gross mass you see before you now. Upon my awakening in this form, I was surrounded by seven small ones – your size. They oriented me and then continued on – to help my brethren I imagine. I have been waiting even since."

Oc, feeling a sudden surge within his heart, spoke, “It is time.”
The great giant locked gazes with Oc and before our very eyes, the large one’s body became immaterial, a swirling curtain of mist and smoke, which condensed into a glowing red heart floating in the air. Oc lifted his eye patch and the red heart entered him, enfusing his being with its effervescent glow.

We returned through the gate which had led us into this accursed fire pit into the ante-room with which we were only too familiar.

Sensing a pattern in our foe’s actions, we laid traps in front of the remaining doors, including creating an ethereal room trap-door in front of the blue door (now pulsing with his putrid mark). We skirted the trap ourselves and entered.

Immediately on exiting the portal, we found an array of dead orcs in front of us. Allura heard the clanking of swords in the distance and we quickly came upon a battle in progress. Before us, our old tenacle-bearded nemesis Nyarlathotep appeared. At this point, we had fought him several times and we were beginning to learn his weaknesses. We struggled back and forth, the slippery devil always teleporting away when he was about to die. Finally as he was retreating, Three Dogs unleashed a fury of blows, the likes of which I have never seen, and the offensive wretch succumbed to our might once and for all. We all stood gape-mouthed as he discorporated from our plane.

“And tell the rest of your kind to stay out too!” shouted Don Emmanuel to the shapeless air, his fist raised with determination.

Where the mindflayer had stood, lay a blue gem. Three dogs picked it up and was about to bite it when it’s hard surface sublimated into a cool energy that suffused his soul.

Loot from Nyarlathotep:

  • Ring of Perfect Grip (Three Dogs)
    Loot from Semlegwa:
  • Flame Bracers (Three Dogs/Grakkis?)
  • Abyssal Adornment (necklace) (Don Emmanuel)
Out of the Pan and Into the Fire

Having rested and recuperated from the previous day’s fight with the minions of the mind flayer, Nyarlathotep; the party packs up and begins the return journey to the sacred grove. Alura seems to be the only one able to easily lift the massive gem that was the heart of the green dragon known as the Emerald Dawn.

Wherever Alura walked, the land was healed and new growth began to show. The ugly blackened scar that connected the dragon’s lair to the grove was healed during the journey back. As the party arrived, they found that a battle was taking place in the grove itself. The grove seemed even more overgrown with the putrid fungal infestation that had been there earlier.

Standing within this growth and battling the changlings was something resembling the Shambling Mound that had been summoned by Lady Elsbeth earlier – only this one was covered in rot and fungus. A thin ropy strand of fungus seemed to connect the creature to the massive gate at the end of the grove. The party leapt to action, closing the distance rapidly to face the beast and rescue the natives. Alura changed into the form of a bird, making for the gate itself while the party engaged the creature. Don Emmanuel worked at severing the link between the beast and the gate while Three Dogs worked to rescue the downed changelings which were being corrupted.

After a brief battle, Alura placed the heart of the dragon at the peak of the gate. This created a massive blast of power which bowled over everyone in the grove. The gate lost its sickly palor, returning once again to the healthy green of life energy. The beast was destroyed once the source of its corruption had been removed. As the grove began to visibly recover from this ordeal, the locals thanked “Alura and her servants” for their aid. They renamed the grove in Alura’s name.

They explained that the mind flayer had come back this way and fought its way through the gate. The natural beast they summoned to help fight it had instead become corrupted by the gate and turned on them.

The party then informed the people that the wise dragon of the woods had been slain, and that its heart now rested at the apex of the gate. The gate was renamed the Gate of the Emerald Dawn in memory of the dragon.

Though they were offered a great feast in their honor, the party felt that they had to continue after this powerful creature and stop it from completing whatever nefarious plans it was enacting. They stepped through the gate in pursuit of Nyarlathotep.

While traveling through the conduit of this life energy-based gate, the party was healed of wounds. Alura’s “pet dragon” spoke to her briefly before becoming a green glow of energy and settling within her heart.

Once through the gate, the party was returned to the room of six gates. The spiraling pattern on the floor which had been feeding off the green gate was gone, replaced by a similar one connected to the red gate on the far side of the room. Within the room were several Derro (corrupted grey-skinned Dwarf-like creatures), a gibbering mouther, and the mind flayer itself.

The mouther, a quivering mass of mouths and eyes, had caused a large portion of the floor to become like quicksand. The party worked hard to get past this obstacle and strike at the heart of their troubles. Don Emmanuel, Three Dogs and Alura ran around the edge of the room, finding a narrow strip of solid ground. Skith used the power of his Ring of Shadow to teleport across the room, then used his Ring of Calling to bring Grakkis across to him. Occulus stayed to distract and fight the blob and keep it from interfering further with the party.

A massive fight ensued, with the Derro throwing themselves with abandon at the party. Whenever a blow was delivered that would surely have struck Nyarlathotep, one of these servitors would impose itself and take the wound instead. Grakkis and Three Dogs managed to corner the mind flayer against the red gate and Three Dogs kicked the creature in its tentacled face, knocking it back through the gate.

Even without their leader, the remaining creatures put up a fierce fight. Three Dogs immediately lept through the gate in pursuit of Nyarlathotep. As the battle wound down, Don Emmanuel went through next. Then the rest of the party filed through after rescuing Occulus from the clutches of the insane gibbering mouther.

On the other side of the gate, Three Dogs emerged into a hellish landscape of basalt, lava, and fire. The sky above was ashen clouds. Before him, standing in a river of lava was a huge fire giant wearing the skin of a white dragon. Behind him, with its tentacles buried in the giant’s skull, was Nyarlathotep.

A brief fight ensued wherein Three Dogs was overpowered and the mind flayer dominated the barbarian, speaking through him to the other party members as they arrived. With Three Dog’s voice it demanded that they stop interfering with its plans, making sinister references to opening gates and the call of the Star Spawn.

Breaking free of the mental domination, Three Dogs turns and attacks the mind flayer. The rest of the party joins in, leaping across the river of lava to engage the foul creature while exhorting the fire giant to join them. Grakkis landed a solid blow on Nyarlathotep, only to see him teleport far away as a result.

The giant seems incensed by everyone, friend and foe alike, and declares that he will eject all from his presence – transforming into a massive Red Dragon and roaring with rage!

With this we ended the session for the night.

Through the Rabbit Hole

The party finds itself exiting a gate into a large, sacred grove that has recently seen battle. They are greeted with hostility at first, but soon explain that they are not on the same side as the horrible Mind Flayer which wrought the damage all around.

All the people here are of the same race as Aluria. They assume that she is the one in charge as she is the only “person” in the party. Everyone plays along and pretends to be servants of Aluria.

Much discussion takes place about what has transpired, both the battle which just ended and other events leading up to it.


After determining which way the mind flayer went with the Heart of the Wood (a black line of corruption marking his path) the party moves catch up with it. Partway through the woods, Skith attempts an experiment where he performs a ritual which pulls the life force from a living deer and then spills it upon the corrupted line on the forest floor. Where the life force appears, there is a moment of pure growth which is immediately corrupted by fungal blooms and mushrooms.

As they proceed through the forest a sudden shadow blots out the sun for an instant. Looking up, a huge green dragon can be seen flying quickly in the same direction the party is headed. Everyone picks up their pace and reaches their destination within the hour. When they arrive they find a large cave entrance. From inside come terrible roars of anger and pain. Standing outside the cave are a number of lizard folk.

A battle ensues during which the lizard folk burst open and transform into hideous alien creatures – including two huge oozes consting of mouths and eyes. A huge battle is joined which the party narrowly wins. As they recover and prepare to enter the cave the mind flayer steps out holding the stolen gem aloft. Suddenly it appears that a ghostly form of a green dragon is pulled forth from the cave and into the gem. The mind flayer is surrounded by a green glow and transforms into something seemingly more powerful and evil than before.

Before any can react, the mind flayer uses a spell and flies back along the line of corruption in a blur – heading back toward the grove and the gate. The party enters the cave and finds the withered husk of the dragon, still clinging to life. The dragon shares what knowledge it has with the party including the name of its murderer: Nyarlathotep.

MORE INFO HERE OF WHAT THE DRAGON SAID. (stuff about it’s siblings)

As its last act, the dragon offers its heart to the party. Skith performs a ritual similar to the earlier one with the deer and removes what seems to be a heart made of emerald. Once it is free of the dragon, this gem seems to weigh hundreds of pounds. However Aluria is able to carry it with ease.

Exhausted, the party reluctantly sets up camp and rests for the eveneing.

Seed of Corruption

After climbing up into a new level of the tower, the party explores a complex of rooms. One room has a wall with an relief carving of the familiar diamond-like “heart”, with a missing gem at each vertex.

One room is an old office and research room. It contains many scrolls and books, some rotting with age. In one corner is a table with a tiny replica of the known world and several dials with numeric markings. Moving the dials seemed to alter the climate of the little world, and some settings raised and lowered a dome of energy over the entire map.

The final room contained seven small clockwork dragons. After a brief skirmish, each seemed to recognize and befriend one of the party (excepting the purple dragon). Each dragon was apparently powered by a glowing gem within their whirring gears. Rather than destroy these works of art to fill the missing gems on the Heart on the wall, Alura used the special knife she had to cut an opening through the wall.

Through the opening was a large room with six glowing doorways, each glowing the color of one of the elemental forces. On the floor was a huge glowing spiral shape in the familiar form of the symbol of Therisdun. The spiral terminated at the green gateway, and both the gate and spiral were pulsing with a sickly perversion of the normal green color.

In the room were nearly a dozen people of Alura’s race, Shifters. Standing behind the shifters was an alien creature that looked like a tall thin humanoid with a squid-like head. The shifters in the room fanatically defended the creature until they were all slain but one. This last one was grabbed by the mind flayer (as Skith identified it) and had its brain extracted and eaten just before the flayer escaped through the gate.

The party, incensed at the atrocity they witnessed, leapt through the gate in pursuit.

Nov. 9, 2010
it's touching my brain!

As our scene opens, the adventurers find themselves in a great cylindrical tower that reaches all the way up to the blue sky overhead. Surrounding them are 8 doors. The one directly opposite the Soul Forge bears the image of a tower above it. The other 6 doors each have one of the elemental symbols.
Skiff eagerly heads to the doorway with the Medieval Slayer poster over it. The others follow, but Don Emmanuel trailing a few minutes behind.
They follow a winding stairway up and at the top find a large statue corresponding to the symbol on the door below – in this case, Ozzy Osborne. His arms, which seem to have previously been in a flat position, possibly holding something, are now broken at their feet. They see a spiral symbol painted crudely on the statue and the walls. Don Emmannuel seems to recall the symbol from his religious training. It was used by the ?Terdizen?, a cult of religious wackos like the Scientologists.

A doorway opens behind them and they enter a passageway splattered with the same graffiti.
They wind their way through several rooms, first fighting a group of 6 dark dwarves, chanting in Giant and cutting themselves, trying to summon the “yellow king”. Eager to assist these devoutly religious individuals in their quest, we helped them bleed faster. Clumsy Skiff dropped a vial of holy water onto the symbol in the middle of the floor, ruining the nice star they had been working on.

Next we came upon the “yellow king” himself, as played by a posessed drau wearing a paper mask and a metal crown. He’s surrounded by 4 courtiers who take turns spouting some gibberish poetry trying to get us to guess a name. Skiff knew all along, but held out on us because he’s “sooo scared” of the “evil worse than evil.” Whatever, pansy. We ended up burning 3 of the courtiers with our bad guesses but Skiff bucked up for the last one and they all ended up bursting into flames anyway.

The next thing we ran into was a gigantic yellow eyeball with a slit down the middle, but as big as the huge portal we saw earlier! Did I forget to mention that? There are big portals that look out into murky blue nothingness.

Just past the giant eyeball there is a room with HOLY CRAP A FUCKING RIP IN THE FABRIC OF SPACE-TIME!!!! ….. aaand it’s winking at us. not good. we’re immediately surrounded by four of the weirdest tentacle/eye things we’ve ever seen and proceed to beat the crap out of them. An irritated 3Dogs shouts curses at the rip, and a bunch more creatures appear. We kill 3 of them the normal way, and then 3Dogs finishes the last one by throwing it into the rip. Sort of like shoving a guys head up his own ass, but for trans-dimensional beings. Anyway, it worked and the rip closed right up. The eyeball went away too.

In the next room (we’re going in a spiral by the way) we see our old friend Bjorn standing there with another weird tentacle/eyeball thing between us. Only this time there are more eyeballs and less tentacles. Also it’s FLOATING ABOVE THE GROUND. Bjorn went out the back door just as it started to float menacingly towards us. Fortunately, Allura whipped out her fairie fire and smoked it’s ass(ticle?)

Last but not least we face the day’s mini-boss, Bjorn. He is clearly posessed by some other entity, whose tentacly form is LITERALLY showing through his skin (no I mean LITERALLY like his skin was sloughing off where we cut him, showing the tentacles underneath, not like I-literally-shit-my-pants). He keeps teleporting either himself or us around, which gets very frustrating, and he’s starting to make my head hurt with his yelling so we ended up having to kill the guy. Too bad, three dogs and him were just starting to be friends.

October 26

from what I remember of last night…

We had camped in a building in the abandoned city of Orzammar to recuperate after the dramatic events of the past several hours. The “night” was uneventful and we awoke refreshed and started planning how to proceed. Suddenly, the sound of crashing swords arose as we heard an intense battle raging nearby. Alura and Three Dogs stealthily scouted ahead as the others hung back, not wanting to get involved in a big battle without any foreknowledge. By the time they reached the fray, everyone was dead. Only a lone creature remained. He sat on the ground, maniacally laughing as he drank the blood of the fallen. He looked like a dwarf, but his skin was dark, his hair was wild, and his eyes told us that he was no longer a dwarf. Three Dogs initiated conversation with the creature and learned his name was Bjorn He offered to bring Three Dogs to “The Elder” in order to initiate him as one of “The Chosen,” but after his ethereal fire had no effect on Three Dogs, he leapt off into the city, much higher and farther than any normal dwarf.

During the battle, Alura noticed a frightened dwarf watching the battle from a nearby rooftop. Once the battle ended, she noticed him running full-tilt through the city. The party pursued and reunited after capturing the frightened dwarf. Interrogating him, they discovered his name was ? and he was one of a number of dwarves sent here from Yorheim by the evil sorcerer ?. He led the party to their refuge, not a very strong hold, but the best they could do in this strange and ancient place. What started as 30 dwarves was now down to 10, each one being captured and “turned” as Bjorn had been. The latest to be captured was High Keeper Bera (who was reported to have been killed at the all-thing by her brother the Prince).

The party explained to Lord ??? that we believed this place to be the ancient city of Orzammar and got some additional information from him about their ethereal transport to this place and current circumstances.

To prepare for their visit to the Soul Forge, Alura shifted to bird-form and scouted the area, inside and out. Relaying what she saw via the telepathic tiara & brooch back to Skith. There were about 10 of the Dark Ones painting a sign in blood on the entrance patio to the Soul Forge. Inside, Bara was restrained by barbed wire in preparation for an evil ritual. The party crafted a plan.

Alura summoned an obscuring mist at the entrance to the Soul Forge, separating the ritual inside from the dark ones on the patio. Don Emmanuel unleashed a holy bolt of energy, destroying one of the Dark Ones instantly. As Alura flew inside and Skith ran to join her, the others attacked the Dark Ones outside.

By the time the Dark Dwarves had been slain and the fighters joined those inside, they discovered that the ritual table had been lowered by chains some 300 feet under the ground. Oc and Grakkis began climbing down the chains. However, Three Dogs was more impatient and decided to repel down the side. He tied a length of rope to himself and secured it to the top of the shaft. Then he, well, not so much repelled, as hurled himself into the hole. Once he reached the end of the rope, his body was jerked with such force as to render him unconscious. Eventually all the fighters except Don Emmanuel reached the bottom, where they aided the battle already in progress.

Bara was restrained by barbed wire, covering each hand and leg, and across her head and mouth. To each of the restraints flowed a magical energy from one of the six colored crystals on the walls of the sub-chamber. The party attacked the crystals, shattering some and cracking others, as well as attacking the evil magician himself. Eventually they were able to defeat him and free Bara from her restraints.
(Ed note: any really cool attacks that we should mention in here?)

By the time the battle was over, Don Emmanuel had found the control room for the platform, slaughtered his way through the Dark Ones guarding it, and proceeded to raise the platform back to ground level.

Just as the platform raised up, the whole building began to shake and groan with some great movement. The vision of Orzammar disappeared from the great entry way, replaced with a wall of dirt sliding down over it. The party realized that the entire building was being lifted up like some gigantic elevator.

When the entry way opened again, they found themselves looking out onto a smooth marble floor with sunlight coming from somewhere above. Around the circular room were six doors, each with the symbol for one of the six elements. As they approached the center of the room, the floor covered with dwarven runes, the image of Content Not Found: heimdall himself appeared and welcomed “the heroes” back to Bastion itself!

Session 6
Under the Broken Tower

In the common room of the Monastery of the Precipice, the party is socializing with fellow pilgrims and trying to gather information. The group of adventurers that just walked in is known as the Free Company of the Crescent. Others have a low opinion of this group, but the characters decide that they want to talk to them. They send Skith up to their table with a bottle of whiskey. An awkward conversation begins, showing Skith’s lack of sociak skills. However this barrier is eventually overcome thanks to the free alcohol he offers. Eventually the rest of the party joins the Company – all except Three Dogs – and listens to their tale.

The leader of the FCC, as he calls them, is Devlin; a human. He claims that he is searching for his daughter who was kidnapped by warlocks months ago. Devlin’s hope is that the Lady can help him find a way to rescue her. His companions are the twins Farrak and Harrak, the large dimwitted half-elf Allan Redhand, and the mysterious elf Dark-Eyed One. They have been combing the ruins of the castle for nearly a week now, going so far as to camp outside on the off chance of a sighting of the Lady.

Other pilgrims and patrons are Thurr Gargengrim, a dwarf merchant here to buy the monastery’s excellent whisky; Rallio deVore, a tiefling looking to lift a family curse; and Millek the Thrush, a halfling looking for whatever “opportunities” present themselves. Three Dogs spends the evening trying to chat up Millek. Aluria meets Sister cherra, a young noblewoman who came seeking answers and instead found peace.

Brother Turngall helpfully offers advice. He believes that trying to rebuild some ruined portion of the castle will winn the favor of the Lady. He has been trying to rebuild an old well for months. He also heard a rumor that a family of halflings is attempting to rebuild the north rampart – a portion of the old curtain wall of the castle.

The party spends the night at the inn attached to the monastery. The next morning they decide to begin exploring the ruins. After half a day’s searching, they are ambushed near the broken remains of a tower. Their ambushers appear to be small humanoids who are constantly cloaked in moving shadows (later identified as Dark Ones). They open the attack with crossbows and quickly close to melee. The party fends them off and begins to get the upper hand. The creatures flee. It is then that the party notices one of them carying a large cylindar of what appears to be ivory.

The heroes give pursuit and follow the creatures down a hidden stairway in the ruins. A jammed door briefly blocks their way but Three Dogs kicks it open with a howl. In this small room are three hobgoblins. They seem to have just jumped up from their bedrolls (no doubt due to the Darklings that just ran through) and immediately move to attack the party. After a brief skirmish the hobgoblins are slain.

Two doors exit this room. The party takes the right door and stumbles into the lair of three giant spiders, who leap to defend their nest. Another rough fight sees the spiders vanquished. Some treasure is recovered from corpses wrapped in web.

The party then opens the next door and open it to find the last moments of a battle taking place. Two of the Dark Ones are dead – one nailed to an exiting door by a crossbow bolt. At the other end of the room are many human soldiers led by an Orc. The soldiers have kicked over their table and set up a defensive position. As they look over to the opening door, Three Dogs simply nods to them and says “good job…as you were” and closes the door.

The noise behind the door indicates his ruse did not work so the party instead charges in and does battle with the soldiers. It is a tough fight due to the preperation of the soldiers but they are able to win over thanks to the magical skills of Moira, Skith, and Alura.

Session 06

After the battle the party opens the exit (where the dead Dark One is nailed) and see a long hallway with many chains hanging from the ceiling. Each chain ends in a barbed hook and a few of them have Dark Ones skewered on them like meat at a butcher shop. Our heroes discover that the hall is a series of traps where the hooks attack anyone standing under them. Three Dogs decides the corpses from the previous room will serve well to set off the traps, and the party proceeds to throw body after body into the hall until all hooks have a corpse hanging from them.

They then proceed through the hall and enter a large chamber lit by torch light. In the chamber are six sections of wall each with strange runes drawn on them and an indentation on the floor in front of them. Hanging from a noose on the ceiling in front of each of these are corpses dressed in fine robes. It looks as if there was a ceremonial execution here. The party enters the room and inspects these dead bodies and the strange runes. Suddenly all the hanged men open their eyes and leap at the party, snapping the ropes from which they hang. Bloodshot eyes and sharpened fangs furiously attack. The creatures are difficult to vanquish until Moira uses radiant damage against one and it bursts into flames. Don Emmanuel summons the light of Avandra to slay still more. Finally the beasts are vanquished.


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