Bastion Unraveled

April 5

Semlegwa the Burning and the blue gem, Nyarlathotep's demise

Don Emmanuel spoke to the giant knight in Draconic, pursuading him that his goals were aligned with those of the party, namely defeating the mindflayer.
Together we fought the mindflayer in an epic battle. We attacked with such intensity, that he sacrificed the green gem at one point to sustain his own existence. Unfortunately, he was able to escape.

After the battle, we spoke more with Semlegwa the Burning – the giant knight who had taken on the appearance of a Red Dragon. He told a tale from many years ago. A tale of his own calling to be in this place.

“I was bigger once, much bigger. To you I am very big already, but to my old self, I am now less than the shadow of an ant. I remember a vast grey sea, stretching out forever. Then there was a storm, the currents constantly changing, I was tossed and buffeted by the waves. The crash of thunder fell about my ears and I was disturbed. I felt pulled by what I cannot say, and began my travels of many days to satisfy my soul’s calling. Along the way, I met with five others whose hearts sang the same song as my own. Together we journeyed and after many days following the momentum of our shared destiny, my brethren and I came upon Ragnarok. The smell of the fires that day were unlike I have experienced before or since – until today. The charred flesh of this mindflayer before us – it reminds me of Ragnarok.

As we continued, the gravity of our quest attracted others to our cause – teachers, mentors and wise men. They led us to this plane and when the moment of transition arrived, we surrendered to our fates. My body was transformed and restricted to the gross mass you see before you now. Upon my awakening in this form, I was surrounded by seven small ones – your size. They oriented me and then continued on – to help my brethren I imagine. I have been waiting even since."

Oc, feeling a sudden surge within his heart, spoke, “It is time.”
The great giant locked gazes with Oc and before our very eyes, the large one’s body became immaterial, a swirling curtain of mist and smoke, which condensed into a glowing red heart floating in the air. Oc lifted his eye patch and the red heart entered him, enfusing his being with its effervescent glow.

We returned through the gate which had led us into this accursed fire pit into the ante-room with which we were only too familiar.

Sensing a pattern in our foe’s actions, we laid traps in front of the remaining doors, including creating an ethereal room trap-door in front of the blue door (now pulsing with his putrid mark). We skirted the trap ourselves and entered.

Immediately on exiting the portal, we found an array of dead orcs in front of us. Allura heard the clanking of swords in the distance and we quickly came upon a battle in progress. Before us, our old tenacle-bearded nemesis Nyarlathotep appeared. At this point, we had fought him several times and we were beginning to learn his weaknesses. We struggled back and forth, the slippery devil always teleporting away when he was about to die. Finally as he was retreating, Three Dogs unleashed a fury of blows, the likes of which I have never seen, and the offensive wretch succumbed to our might once and for all. We all stood gape-mouthed as he discorporated from our plane.

“And tell the rest of your kind to stay out too!” shouted Don Emmanuel to the shapeless air, his fist raised with determination.

Where the mindflayer had stood, lay a blue gem. Three dogs picked it up and was about to bite it when it’s hard surface sublimated into a cool energy that suffused his soul.

Loot from Nyarlathotep:

  • Ring of Perfect Grip (Three Dogs)
    Loot from Semlegwa:
  • Flame Bracers (Three Dogs/Grakkis?)
  • Abyssal Adornment (necklace) (Don Emmanuel)



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