Bastion Unraveled

June 14

The Forgotten One

The party now reunited, we each take turns telling tales of our recent adventures. We rest and recover our energies. Allura awakes in the morning, hearing a faint scraping sound. The scraping gets louder and louder until suddenly the wall between the purple and black doors collapses and a huge Umberhulk looms in front of us! We fight his gigantic presence back into the tunnel and find another mindflayer controlling him and a second Umberhulk. This mindflayer is not as stately as Nyarlathotep, he seems dressed in rags. Upon vanguishing the trio, we take the mindflayer’s Richly Bejeweled Sceptre.

Three Dogs finds a trap door in the ceiling and is able to trigger the mechanism, causing burning acid to rain down on himself and Don Emmanuel, who is not surprised at all, but still manages to get about half of the acid on him anyway. The party climbs up through the trap door to the next level of the castle.

In this place, there are six pedastals around a hexagonal room with a domed ceiling. Each player grabs a pedastal corresponding to his or her element and speaks their assigned word of creation. When it is time for the fifth word to be spoken, a ghostly image of Moira Firehammer appears at the empty pedastal in the room. Grakkis stands in the centre of the room and speaks the final word. A beam of energy surrounds and envelops him, shooting straight up to the center of the domed ceiling. The sides of the dome seem to slide away revealing – not the clear blue and white of day, or the black and stars of night, but a blank grey expanse instead. The six pedastals shrink to batons, which seem to be made to fit together. When all seven are combined into a single staff, it is drawn supernaturally to the center of the room and stands upright like a light pole. A small silver filament is visible connecting each person to this pole, although they cannot be touched as they they are immaterial.

As we approach the walls of the room to try and peek out over the lip, we find that gravity in this place is somewhat open to interpretation. We are able to walk straight up the walls as though they were the ground, and off again once we get to the top.

The surface of this place is flat and hard like stone, though there is none of the usual fragmentation you find around natural areas. Perhaps this land has been worn by water?
We see a red glow in the distance and start to head that way.

We come upon a chasm with a bridge across the center, followed by an unusual protrusion from the landscape. It appears almost as though we are walking on a giant horizontal face.

A brown blur shrieks into our field of view and a hundred eyes look at us with intensity, hunger and disdain. The Beholder is upon us! We are easily able to best him by creatively changing our personal gravity.

We have found “the corpse of the forgotten one.”



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