Bastion Unraveled

May 17

a Gith scouting party (the Black portal)

Back in the common ante-room, there are only two doors that we haven’t gone through yet, those glowing with purple and black energy.

We make a brief detour back to Heimdall’s office, where the world-simulator resides. The party spends a while playing with the dials on the control panel and mapping out their functions before finally Three Dogs is overwhelmed by boredom and destroys the table in an outburst. We can almost make out a picture of a face carved on the bottom of the table. Three Dogs assaults the statue of Sigyn before Don kicks him out of the room and leads the party back to the ante-room.

We go through the black door and find ourselves missing half our party. Only Three Dogs, Don Emmanuel and Skith are present. Oc, Grakkis and Allura seem to be in another room.

We are in a tall dungeon-like room surrounded by six 12-foot tall “necromancer” status carved from basalt. Their shadowy countenances remind Don of his studies of Nerule, the ancient god of death, from his upbringing at the monastery. Once we get our bearings, we can hear the clanking of metal. We follow this up the stairs to find some kind of challenge underway. Three strange creatures stand above a pit, watching two others of their kind in a duel.

Through mellifluous oration and impenetrable logic, we convince them that we are all on the same side, sharing Nyarlathotep as our common enemy. They introduce themselves as the Gith, the “wanderers of the grey sea.” We have interrupted a battle for leadership rights in this small scouting party. Three Dogs immediately issues a challenge to fight the current leader. He easily defeats the Gith and assumes leadership of the remaining creatures. Three Dogs and Skith convince the Gith that it is our “custom” to take something from the dead in order to remember/honor them by.

Together, we continue further into the cavern, our new Gith brethren at our side.
We are either seeking the heart of the “forgotten one” or seeing “the dark one”. I couldn’t tell which one was a place and which one was a creature, and which was our goal vs the Gith’s goal.
In the belly of the dungion, we come upon a great room full of skeletons, animated by some magical power. The most powerful magician in the room wears a glowing necrotic symbol. Focusing our energies on this sigil, we are able to vanguish all the skeletons at once. The remaining skeletal dragons are easily dispatched with our magic and blades, and even their magical leader died shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, all but one of our Gith brethren fell in battle. The last one living grabbed the “magic spade,” which they used to carve magical paths through the rock, and fled before we could stop him.

Skith found a large black jewel in the remains of the leader which fused into him.

Upon returning back through the portal to the common ante-room, we are reunited with the rest of our party, who had a similar adventure through the purple doorway.


from the Altar:
- ornate gold ring in a velvet bag (1700 gp)
- Vampiric Gauntlets (Skith)
- Crown (3000gp)

In the Gith camp:
- 2000gp
- a letter on the body of the gith leader with instructions to investigate near the forgotten one



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