Bastion Unraveled

Session 2

Through the Dark Doorway

The party puzzles over how to open the door. They finally figure out that they must touch the vertices of the Heart symbol in a particular order. Once this is done, an image of the heart appears in the air above the carving on the floor and the door opens, flecks of black crystal falling to the floor.

Descending into the complex the party encounters five rooms, each has a hazard within that is linked to an element. The fire room summons up firey Dwarf-like creatures. The life room has a puzzle that must be solved in order to pass through the jungle-like vines. The cold room contains an elemental lizard that breathes a cone of frost. I forget what the heaven and earth rooms contained. In each room, the obstacle must be overcome for the entrance to the next to open.

The final room has another door like the first. It is opened in the same way as before. This room is a large hexagon. In each corner is a pedistal upon which sits a crystal. Each crystal is glowing with a different colored light: green, yellow, purple, blue, red, black). The black crystal seems to be glowing a bit less than the others. Its pedistal is cracked. From this crack grows the fingers of wild crystal that work their way up the tall wall of this room and into the queen’s hive above. From each crystal a beam of light is directed to the center of the room, where floats a sphere of soft white light.

The corpse of a dwarf clad in heavy armor is in the center of this room. Only it isn’t laying on the ground. Instead it is standing just beneath the spehere of light, its empty eye sockets staring directly at the party. There followed a battle with the the undead Dwarven warrior. Whenever the party thought they were close to victory, the dwarf would pull energy from the cracked pedistal under the black crystal. Eventually the party thought to destroy the pedistal (and the crystal on it). This allowed them to defeat the creature but disrupted the magics in the room and destroyed all crystals. A burst of necrotic energy enveloped everyone, leaving them feeling weak and spent. The white sphere in the center of the room dissapates, revealing a ghostly image of a dwarf who gazes at them with a mix of gratitude and sorrow before fading into nothing.

The armor and shield carried by the undying dwarf were magical and covered in ancient Dwarven runes. They identified their former owner as Asfrith – a dwarf of some renown from the distant past. The armor was claimed by Don Emmanuel and it resized itself to fit his slender frame. The shield was claimed by Moira. It bore on it a depiction of the world entire in the forms of rings of pictures in relief. The outer ring being that of the mountains surrounding the land of Bastion, the innermost being the Deep Mare and the tower of Bastion itself.

Exhausted and weary from a day of battle, the party spent the night in Krell under the soft glow of Bastion’s light, plannign to venture back to Crux the next morning.



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