Bastion Unraveled

Session 3

Under a Curse

On the 4th day of Festival the party returned to Crux as heroes along with the survivors from Krell. Mayor Forrestal thanks the companions for their help and gives them a reward from the city coffers.

The celebrations are still continuing, as it is only the 4th day of Festival. Something new is happening, though. The strange wall surrounding the granary (the one built by Skith’s grandfather) is glowing with a strange green light. The townspeople said it began to do this the evening before. Inside the granary it is discovered that all the rats are mysteriously dead. Many are worried that the grain is somehow poisoned but it is determined that it is still good.

Each of the players notices that they have a strange dark patch on the back of their right hand. The skin there looks to be dying. They also each feel a bit weakened. Don Emmanuel goes to the monastery and requests a ritual to determine the nature of this malady. It is determined that each of the party suffers from a progressive wasting disease, nerotic in nature. If some cure is not found then they will surely die. After seeking medicines and cures among the peole in the village they realize that their maladey requires a level of knowledge beyond the ken of any in the plains.

They do hear of a town named Whent far away on the north shore of of the Deep Mare where apothaceries of great skill ply their trade. Perhaps one of them may find a cure. If not then there may be more knowledge and skill in the great libraries of Farhold, capital of the human kingdoms. Either way they need to go to Fairwind in order to get a boat as transport. Not wanting to waste any more time, the party purchases horses and leaves that very evening – bathed in the light of Bastion, the light of the 4th night of Festival.

The next day, as they travel down the road, the party is ambushed by Orcs. After a brief but fierce skirmish all the attackers are dead. The apparent leader of the Orc raiding band carries on him a parchment with their pictures crudely drawn on it. In Orcish script (Giant) it explains that they are the ones from the prophecy as toold by Shoova. The companions contemplate and discuss the meaning of this at camp that night under the soft light of Bastion on the 5th night of Festival.

On the 6th day of Festival the party continues to folow the road to Fairwind. Occasionally they can spot Orc scouts folowoing them and observing. They suspect another attack will come soon. That night they set up camp in a thick copse of trees. Alura helps them set up the camp so it will be difficult to spot except when very close. Watches are set and the party makes uneasy rest under the light of the 6th night of Festival.

As they suspected, Orcs attack again that night. Thanks to their preparations the party is able to reverse the ambush and defeat their attackers, killing all but an old one-eyed crone and a single young warrior. The old crone identifies herself as Shoova. She is the Eye of Gruumsh for her tribe and was given a holy vision from her god. Lifting her eye patch reveals a smouldering green flame where her eye would otherwise be. Shoova explains that a vision from Gruumsh told her that they would bring about “The Dying of the Light”. They had to be destroyed before this happened as it would end the world.

The party is moved by her motives and honesty. They beg her to commune once more with her god in hopes of finding a way to stop this tragedy. They also ask if she can discern a way to cure the wasting disease which, even now, is growing to cover more skin. She agrees. Everyone is asked to cut their hands and give the blood to Shoova. She put the blood into her empty eye socket and the green flame within her skull grew huge. Her vision came…but at the cost of her life. Shoova lived only long enough to tell the party that they are doomed to end the world. But to cure their blight they must stand within the “Living Light”.

At her death the young orc warrior, last of his tribe, buried his shaman. At the end of the funeral rites he solomly drew out his dagger and plucked out his own eye. Moments later a green flame danced within the ruined socket. He explained that he had to take on the mantle of Eye of Gruumsh for his tribe even if he was the last one in his tribe. The party, again moved by the bravery they saw, swore an oath to become part of his tribe. A short ceremony followed wherein they joined the tribe of the Feathered Spear. They then renamed their companion Oculus, Eye of Gruumsh…“Oc” for short.

As they gazed into the night sky they were suddenly plunged into darkness as the light of Bastion – the light of the 6th night of Festival – went out.



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