Bastion Unraveled

Session 4

Dark Times

The party decides to push on through the night, despite the unthinkable lack of light from Bastion. They heatedly discuss what the meaning of this could be. In all of history the Festival the light from Bastion has shone for 7 days and nights. What did it mean that the light stopped a night early? There is argument and speculation. Moira wonders if there is a link between their destruction of the crystal chamber and this darkness.

After 2 more days of travel they arrive at the city of Fairwind. Alura and Three Dogs notice a large war band with the personal banner of Chief Windspear of the Horse People riding away from the city. The banner they are flying is one of war.

At the gates the party is met by suspicious guards who inform them that the city is under martial law due to the shocking events of 6th Night. All weapons are to be peace bonded, tied up with twine as to make them difficult to draw. All traffic by sea is suspended until further notice. Also, Fairwind is now at war with the northern tribes and any are welcome to sign up with the army. The treaty that was to be signed by the tribes and Fairwind collapsed when the light failed.

Inside the city shows signs of suffering unrest and rioting. The streets are largely deserted. The decorations from the celebrations have been torn down or burned. Several buildings in the city are still smoking from fires the night before. Many edicts are being posted on the walls: curfew for all civilians at sundown, ban on all travel by sea, prohibition against slander of Eldarin, and many others.

Once inside, the party splits up to try and resolve their many problems.

Don Emmanuel and Skith head off to find an apothacary in hopes of clues to a cure for the necrotic curse. Moira and Alura go to the city library to find answers to questions regarding this “Living Light” mentioned by the orc prophetess Shoova. Three Dogs heads to the docks to see if he can hire a ship to smuggle them out despite the blockade.

An apothacary is found at Fisk’s Curiosities. The proprietor, Fisk, determines that the disease is powerful, Necrotic, and will continue to worsen over time. Some discussion and a few “samples” taken end with a promise of more information in a day.

At the library, Moira and Alura delve into dusty and long-unread tomes. They find mention of “guardians of light” in the most ancient legends of the land. One of them mentions Hemdail as an ancient hero who gathered the “six guardians, each of unique and essential light” and brought them together.

Three Dogs investigates at a dockside tavern. He makes inquiries about hiring a ship. He also discovers something else. A stranger showed up in town a few weeks ago; a wild prophet who shouted on the streets that the light of Bastion would fail at the height of the festival. He caused such a ruccus that he was arrested by the city guard and locked up for the duration of the festival. When the light actually did fail he was brought to Lord Fasdal for an audience. Ever since he has been always at the Lord’s side.

Lord Fasdal has been issuing strange and conflicting edicts ever since. Three Dogs speaks with the bartender of a seaside tavern. The barkeep tells tales of strange storms brewing out to sea, storms that don’t move with the wind. He is also told that he might be able to charter a smuggler if he shows up at midnight. As he is leaving the docks he gazes out over the sea toward the horizon and sees dark clouds gathering.

As the party reunites to share insights and information they are attacked by dark elves, creatures of legend that none have seen for centuries. The attackers have bolstered their numbers with hideous reanimated corpses and assault the party en masse. After a fierce battle the party drives off their attackers. One of them suddenly changes form into that of an Eldarin. He is insubstantial, as if only an image, but he tells the party that they will be stopped before they can fulfill the prophecy.

The party collects the belongins of the Drow and leaves before the authorities can show up and ask awkward questions. They rest and recuperate at a local inn and tavern, the Gerund Animal.

The next morning sees the party recovered and ready to continue their investigations.

There are new bills posted on the walls. These have crude sketches of the party members and are labled “Wanted: Alive. 100gp reward.”

Moira leaves to go visit the Shrine of Dwarven Heroes. The place is obviously infrequently used as there is no real Dwarven presence in the city. Inside she meets the old dwarf Thufir, the keeper of the shrine. Discussion and drinks follow wherein Thufir remembers an ancient religious reference to “Hemdail, Keeper of the Living Light”. He states that more information about the ancient past of the dwarves will require resources only available in either Farhold or Yorheim.

The apothacary, Fisk, states that the wasting disease is beyond his skill to treat. He mentions a very talented specialist named Garth who lives near the Terminus Fen north of Whent. This fen is valued by chemists, wizards, and the like because of the rare and toxic substances that can be found only within the massive swamp. Fisk also recognized Aluria as one of the “wild folk” and said that the Fen is peopled by more of her kind.

Moira and Don Emmanuel are spotted by the city guard. They surrender themselves and are taken to Castle Fasdal to speak with Lord Fasdal himself. Our session ends with the two of them in the antechamber to the Lord’s throne room. Meanwhile, the rest of the party are pondering their next move.



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