Bastion Unraveled

Session 5

A Royal Pain

The session begins in the antechamber of Lord Fasdal’s throne room. Moira and Don Emmanuel are waiting to have an audience wiht the lord. They are greeted and briefed by the senechal, who escorts them to the throne of Lord Fasdal.

There they encounter the Lord himself, an imposing man in his 40s who look every bit the noble head of state. With him is Razzik, an ancient looking eldarin dressed in simple robes who seems to be advising the lord. Also in the room (other than the several elite guardsmen) is a tall eldarin with a bald, tattooed head garbed in elaborate armor. The senechal also stands close by as witness to the proceedings.

It turns out that Razzik has become advisor to Lord Fasdal after his prediction regarding the failing of the light of Bastion on the 7th day. He has apparently seen the party members in a vision and has told the Lord that they are the “dying prophets”, the key to saving Fairwind from certain doom from both land (the Horse Peoples) and sea (a mighty storm). After discovering the plight of the party (the wasting sickness) Lord Fasdal agrees to give them passage on a ship to Whent if they fulfill their destiny and save Fairwind. Moira and Don Emmanuel agree.

The task before them is to go to the ruins of Castle Stormgarde and locate the spectral presence of Lady Saharel. It is said that she will answer any one question a person asks of her, and that her answer is always true. The question can be about anything: past, future, political, emotional. Many seek her council by braving the dangerous ruins. Few are rewarded with results. Servicing the “pilgrims” who go to the ruins is the Monastery of the Precipice. This is the first destination they must seek. After that they will have precious few days to get their answer and return to Fairwind. The question they must ask is “How do we restore the light of Bastion and save Fairwind”?

As they leave the two adventurers question the seneschal and discover that the imposing eldarin warrior is Veth, a Knight of Fade. These knights are legendary for their martial prowess, as well as their unique relationship to those they serve. All Knights of Fade have their tongue removed as part of the initiation ceremony. They have the strange ability to communicate with anyone they have pledged to serve – and they guard their charges zealously. As with many things in recent days, a Knight has not been seen outside of the lands of Fade for centuries.

They also find out that Razzik showed up weeks ago preaching about the failure of the light on the 7th day of Festival. He was arrested for causing public disturbance, but was released and sent to the Lord when his prediction came true. Since then he has ever been at Fasdal’s side. The Lord has made many strange decisions since then, including the closing of the ports and the state of war with the Horse Peoples.

The senechal gives them letters of marque, allowing them to pass freely through any guard posts within the realm of Fairwind. They are warned that these papers will mark them as enemies should they be captured by the Horse People. The barbarians don’t treat war prisoners well.

Back at the tavern of the Gerund Animal, the other party members are mulling over their options when Moira and Don Emmanuel return. After some discussion regarding their options they agree to take on the Lord’s offer and seek out the mysterious Lady – if for no other reason than to see this mysterious Lady Saharel and ask questions of their own.

As they leve the city Veth is standing at the gates, watching them leave. His stare is unreadable and impassive.

On the second day on the road the party is ambushed by a warband of the Horse People. They easily defeat them, telling the survivors to spread the word that they are no easy targets.

They then arrive at the Monestary of the Precipice where they meet several fellow pilgrims. Some are there for reasons personal, others for fortune or fame. Most have their own theories about how best to find Lady Saharel. At one point, another band of adventurers enters the common room. They are despised by most of the pilgrims and are rumored to prey on others seeking the Lady.



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