Bastion Unraveled

Session 6

Under the Broken Tower

In the common room of the Monastery of the Precipice, the party is socializing with fellow pilgrims and trying to gather information. The group of adventurers that just walked in is known as the Free Company of the Crescent. Others have a low opinion of this group, but the characters decide that they want to talk to them. They send Skith up to their table with a bottle of whiskey. An awkward conversation begins, showing Skith’s lack of sociak skills. However this barrier is eventually overcome thanks to the free alcohol he offers. Eventually the rest of the party joins the Company – all except Three Dogs – and listens to their tale.

The leader of the FCC, as he calls them, is Devlin; a human. He claims that he is searching for his daughter who was kidnapped by warlocks months ago. Devlin’s hope is that the Lady can help him find a way to rescue her. His companions are the twins Farrak and Harrak, the large dimwitted half-elf Allan Redhand, and the mysterious elf Dark-Eyed One. They have been combing the ruins of the castle for nearly a week now, going so far as to camp outside on the off chance of a sighting of the Lady.

Other pilgrims and patrons are Thurr Gargengrim, a dwarf merchant here to buy the monastery’s excellent whisky; Rallio deVore, a tiefling looking to lift a family curse; and Millek the Thrush, a halfling looking for whatever “opportunities” present themselves. Three Dogs spends the evening trying to chat up Millek. Aluria meets Sister cherra, a young noblewoman who came seeking answers and instead found peace.

Brother Turngall helpfully offers advice. He believes that trying to rebuild some ruined portion of the castle will winn the favor of the Lady. He has been trying to rebuild an old well for months. He also heard a rumor that a family of halflings is attempting to rebuild the north rampart – a portion of the old curtain wall of the castle.

The party spends the night at the inn attached to the monastery. The next morning they decide to begin exploring the ruins. After half a day’s searching, they are ambushed near the broken remains of a tower. Their ambushers appear to be small humanoids who are constantly cloaked in moving shadows (later identified as Dark Ones). They open the attack with crossbows and quickly close to melee. The party fends them off and begins to get the upper hand. The creatures flee. It is then that the party notices one of them carying a large cylindar of what appears to be ivory.

The heroes give pursuit and follow the creatures down a hidden stairway in the ruins. A jammed door briefly blocks their way but Three Dogs kicks it open with a howl. In this small room are three hobgoblins. They seem to have just jumped up from their bedrolls (no doubt due to the Darklings that just ran through) and immediately move to attack the party. After a brief skirmish the hobgoblins are slain.

Two doors exit this room. The party takes the right door and stumbles into the lair of three giant spiders, who leap to defend their nest. Another rough fight sees the spiders vanquished. Some treasure is recovered from corpses wrapped in web.

The party then opens the next door and open it to find the last moments of a battle taking place. Two of the Dark Ones are dead – one nailed to an exiting door by a crossbow bolt. At the other end of the room are many human soldiers led by an Orc. The soldiers have kicked over their table and set up a defensive position. As they look over to the opening door, Three Dogs simply nods to them and says “good job…as you were” and closes the door.

The noise behind the door indicates his ruse did not work so the party instead charges in and does battle with the soldiers. It is a tough fight due to the preperation of the soldiers but they are able to win over thanks to the magical skills of Moira, Skith, and Alura.

Session 06

After the battle the party opens the exit (where the dead Dark One is nailed) and see a long hallway with many chains hanging from the ceiling. Each chain ends in a barbed hook and a few of them have Dark Ones skewered on them like meat at a butcher shop. Our heroes discover that the hall is a series of traps where the hooks attack anyone standing under them. Three Dogs decides the corpses from the previous room will serve well to set off the traps, and the party proceeds to throw body after body into the hall until all hooks have a corpse hanging from them.

They then proceed through the hall and enter a large chamber lit by torch light. In the chamber are six sections of wall each with strange runes drawn on them and an indentation on the floor in front of them. Hanging from a noose on the ceiling in front of each of these are corpses dressed in fine robes. It looks as if there was a ceremonial execution here. The party enters the room and inspects these dead bodies and the strange runes. Suddenly all the hanged men open their eyes and leap at the party, snapping the ropes from which they hang. Bloodshot eyes and sharpened fangs furiously attack. The creatures are difficult to vanquish until Moira uses radiant damage against one and it bursts into flames. Don Emmanuel summons the light of Avandra to slay still more. Finally the beasts are vanquished.



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